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A Rare First Surface Mahoganized Maple Chest on Frame with Shell, Dunlap Group, with Original Brasses, New Hampshire, c.1800

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This small scale piece is in all original condition; we have left it untouched. We are proud to offer what we believe is one of the finest diminutive New Hampshire chests in Dunlap's ɶuvre, with its original brasses and best shell.  This chest relates closely to the highboy illustrated in The Dunlap Cabinetmakers, Philip Zea & Donald Dunlap and a shell related to the chest alongside, also of the Dunalp school.  

This is a rare masterpiece for those that want the best in American provincial furniture.  The Dunlap school of makers are highly regarded and produced much case furniture, with the best examples being fully developed with shells.  The distinctive form of shell on this chest is the detail in NH furniture that best compares to a fine Newport Rhode Island shell.   Functionally, it is a great bedroom piece because the top becomes usable as a dressing bureau, and part of the beauty is seeing those handmade dovetails on either end.  

It’s the best for the best.

Height: 54 1/2 in. Width: 36 1/2 in. (Case Width: 33 1/2 in.) Depth: 19 1/2 in. (Case Depth: 17 1/2in.)
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