Classical Mahogany 3-Drawer Worktable, Probably New York, c.1830

This worktable is a fully developed model with the maximum three-drawer layout.  The top drawer has a writing tablet; middle drawer is sectioned, and the bottom drawer has a removable sewing basket.  Most of the time, one finds these worktables with many parts missing, and this one is all there, including its original sewing basket, frame and base.  It is a very useful form which is finished on all sides and has side flaps, giving it additional utility.  The wood on the top is solid and finely figured (see enlargement below).  Also, see details of drawer structures. 

Height:  28 1/4 in.  Width: 18 3/4 - 35 1/4in.  Depth: 17 3/4 in.

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