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A Federal Inlaid Tambour Desk, with Eagle inlay, probably New York, c.1810

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Provenance: Ginsberg & Levy

Illustrated: Antiques magazine, Sept. 1957, p. 199  and Stoneman, Vernon C.: John and Thomas Seymour: Cabinet Makers in Boston. 1794–1816, cat. no. 42

An almost identical model was Auctioned March 27th, 2010, Neal Auction. Ours are Hepplewhite oval brasses, original, theirs a brass pull claimed to be original. (We haven't examined.) From what we can see, with the same escutcheons, identical woodwork, etc., these probably came out of the same shop, as more than one obviously was made.

Height: 48 ½ in.  Width: 40 in.
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