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A Walnut Chippendale Tall Chest with Quarter Columns, Pennsylvania, c.1780

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This is a commodious tall chest in superb condition. The walnut has a mellowed amber color, which has been waxed over the years. This is a heavy chest, and structurally, it is built like a house. Note that this chest retains a full dustboard above the second drawer for internal rigidity, which has been pegged, as have other elements of this chest at the base below the lowest drawer, and sides, all of which is typical for these chests. Please note the close-up details of the backboards, which show how they are sleeved together, which is an air-tight moveable joint and also note how they are pegged to the case. Obviously, these cabinetmakers did not use one nail in this piece, as you will note, on the attached, the drawers are beautifully pegged throughout. The production time in making of a chest such as this, is undoubtedly a much longer and finer process than the use of nails. They indeed were designed to last centuries. In addition, the sides of the legs internally are extensions of the chest's solid board sides; and, the rear bootjacks are extensions of the backboards…all of which makes this a most solid of all casepieces. Inspect the legs and undercarriage, and you will see an extremely clean piece in original untouched condition. The drawers have their original carved escutcheons, and the brasses, while not original, are fitted into the original holes, and are period replacements.

This is an extremely serviceable tall chest with great storage, in phenomenal condition with the desirable quarter columns, that graced the best of these Pennsylvania casepieces. Also note the very tall elegant lift that the feet give this piece.

Height: 65 in. Case Width: 42 1/2 in. Overall Width: 48 in. Depth: 22 in.
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