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A Classical Satinwood Inlaid Mahogany Pembroke Table with Concave Drawer, Boston, Seymour, c.1800

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This is the highest development of the classical drop-leaf tables. It is one of a school of these tables with convex drawers that are attributed probably to Seymour, Boston. (click here to see an example at Christie's). Note, on the Christie's example, there are brass caster feet and not the more developed reeded foot with complementary reeded caster. We believe the Christie's example was probably like ours, and later refitted with casters as it is now shorter than our table. Without our example, it would be hard to make this determination, so at auction, one must be very careful, as things may not always be what they seem. Note, in these examples, the beautiful satinwood panels which are banded in ebony (see detail).

We would also like to note that there is an example of a worktable with a related foot design and satinwood panels illustrated n the Charles Over Cornelius' book written in the 1930's with an attribution to Duncan Phyfe, which we question. However, the similar design with panels is remarkable, and we, for scholarship, include this example herewith.

This is a beautifully crafted table that is substantial in its design and construction of the choicest dense mahogany and completely original.

Height: 29 1/4 in. Length: 42 in. Width: 20 in. - 45 in.
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