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A Fine Queen Anne / George II Walnut Wing Chair with Carved Knees and Claw and Ball feet, England / Ireland, c.1715-50

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This is a delightful wing chair; neither too big nor too small, comforting, and is sophisticated with fine lines and a dramatically raked rear leg.  

Interestingly, the back of this chair does not run straight across but is slightly bowed back, (see skeleton images below).   This is particularly sophisticated and accommodating to the form of the chair.  This bend in the back is ever so slight, but far better than the straight-across squared back, which is almost universally the case. 

This fine chair is late Queen Anne, wherein the bolder carved knee is a more exuberant expression seen later in the Chippendale Era.  For an example of similar foliate carving on a textured punchwork backing, see the column of a related tripod table in the Norman Adams Collection illustrated in 18th Century English Furniture, Christopher Claxton Stevens, et al (see scan below).  The carved lower leg conforms to the style carved on examples earlier in the century (see related chair below from English Furniture of the 18th Century, Herbert Cescinsky).  Obviously, the floral knee carvings and claw and ball feet were the most costly and the best of the best!  This chair has been completely reupholstered.  All its parts are original with no breaks and the chair has been completely reupholstered in embossed silk fabric.

Height: 45 in.  Width: 35 in.  Depth: 28 in.  Seat Height: 19 in.
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