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A Highly Carved Mahogany Classical Sofa, probably Georgetown, D.C. and possibly by William King, Jr., or school of, c.1820

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This good-sized sofa is clearly in the masterpiece category. Not only is the carving on the crest rail the highest we have ever seen, but the sidearms, as well are fully carved. If this were not enough, the winged feet are superbly executed.

Beyond being a simply fabulous sofa that is rarely encountered in the Classical taste, we believe there is a definite association between this and the work attributed to William King, Jr. as shown in Southern Furniture 1680-1830, Ronald L. Hurst and Jonathan Prown, cat. entry #42 (see detail). If one studies this sofa in comparison to the King example, one sees, in both cases, the very large crest rail, and punched background. In particular, see our close-up of punchwork below, and compare with the example attributed to King. From a profile view, ours would have probably been the costlier model, as it includes carving on both arms.

We feel this is an important and rare piece. We completely reupholstered this sofa in the museum standard. Photos of it in the frame prior to upholstering are available upon request.

Height: 34 1/2 in. Seat Height: 20 in.
Length: 87 in. Depth: 24 3/4 in.
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