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A Federal Cherry Inlaid Oxbow Commode, CT Valley, circa 1800

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The mistake is to call this a chest…it's a commode. Its size is quite ample (45 ½ wide) and can even be used for serving, as a small sideboard, as the top drawer is divided out for such. This piece has a storied provenance, having been passed down amongst the descendants of David Hoyt as furnishing in the famous "Old Indian House" of historic Deerfield, Massachusetts. This provenance descends to Catherine Wells Hoyt, the previous owner of this item.

 Aside from the rare monumental size, which speaks of commode, a form rarely seen in America at that time, this piece has its original fan inlays at the ends of each drawer and line inlay in the beautifully sculptured front feet. Note the sculptured "bootjacks" in the back, of the rear feet. Only the cabinetmaker or owner sees this, and obviously, it was a treasured piece when built. This chest retains its original old surface, which has developed a grunge buildup through the years.

Height: 35 1/2 in.  Depth: 22 in.
Case Width: 45 1/4 in.  Overall Width: 47 in.