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A Solid Flame Walnut Stand Up Desk, Philadelphia, c.1800-1810, Descended Directly in the Porter Family

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This desk was owned for generations by the family of the renowned Pennsylvania doctor, J. Elmer Porter (1865-1961).  This is evidenced by documents and personal effects found in the desk. (See below for documents.) The personal items include a brass name plate from Bailey, Banks, and Biddle with the name "Dr. J. E. Porter", which was apparently formerly attached to the desk, and an ink signature stamp belonging to the doctor's daughter, Mary N. Porter (1911 -2009). (Click here for her Obituary.) Also included were a miniature metal portrait of an unkown woman in Victorian dress (perhaps Mary's mother) and the documents shown below.

Prior to this desk's being owned by Dr. Porter and Mary Porter, it was evidently the property of the doctor's father, Samuel H. Porter (1830-1907), whose name appears in aged chalk on the top backboard. All three Porter generations were born in the area of Pottstown, Pennsylvania, within 35 miles of the Philadelphia City center.

A Pennsylvania desk of similar design and proportions was offered by Pook & Pook, Inc. as part of "The Collection of Paul & Rita Flack" on October 13, 2018 (see below for auction listing).

Height: 51 in.  W: 36 1/2 in. Writting height: 39 in.
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