A Maple William and Mary Splay-leg Canted Top Tavern Table, c.1700-30

This example is similar to one found in the New Fine Points of Furniture. Albert Sack describes that example, and we couldn’t say it better than Albert, so his comments are:

Early maple and pine tavern table, New England, circa 1700-30. The ring and bulbous turnings, though thin, are more refined than those on [other models]. The legs have a good rake, which serves to provide a more dramatic stance.

We should also note that canted corners are quite rare and desirable. For an example with canted corners, seeFurniture of Historic Deerfield, Dean A. Fales, Jr.. Note all the pegs and that they slightly emerge from the surface.  We always find it interesting that the legs are only splayed in one dimension and straight in another, which is a bit asymmetric.

The condition is impeccable.

Height: 25 in. Width: 28 in. Depth: 21 in.

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