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A Serpentine Rosewood Rococo Revival Work Table, New York, c.1850, Alexander Roux or contemporary

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This is a small worktable that is an absolute powerhouse. At this time, many pieces of furniture were being cheaply machine made, however, this is a fine benchmade example, probably by Roux or contemporary.

Everything is developed in this piece with three layers of drawers, including its original old mirror and leather lids. Also note the original textile for pins. The leather lids have their original gilt edges. There is a medial drawer as well as a bottom side drawer. (See detailed images below). Interestingly, all of the drawer sides and bottoms are cedar. This piece was probably meant for the South and many of Roux's pieces, in fact, show up there.

When looking at the profile of both the front and side of the legs, note the beautiful curved cabriole form that's as good as any French example. While it's a heavy, dense little piece, it has a very light feeling. Also, note that this piece is serpentine not only on the front, but on the sides, which is a feature found only on the finest pieces and makes a beautiful statement. The pulls are original.

Height: 28 1/4 in. Width: 23 in. Depth: 16 in.
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