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A Mahogany Chippendale Card Table, with Original Hidden Drawer, Newport, Rhode Island, c.1780

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One almost never finds a card table with its original hidden drawer, as card tables with drawers are very rare to begin with.  This table, with its original drawer, is quite special, in terms of rarity and quality.  It’s all in the wood and craftsmanship; pure Newport.  Note the magnificent slabs of mahogany on the top boards.  They’re very heavy, and often referred to as ironwood.  Look at the edge molding in the detailed images.   Note how beautifully they are executed.   This is indicative of the quality throughout.   Although quite austere, the strongly molded legs and beautiful wood are simplistic elegance.    

Interestingly, this table comes right out of the Goddard House, which is right next door to the John Brown House on Providence’s historic East Side.  The Goddards, of course, are related to the Brown family, (through a distant relation to John Goddard, the Newport cabinetmaker), which makes this table all the more special, as we know where it has resided through the years.    Much of the furniture in that house, which has been sold, was actually made for that house.   

We have French polished the table, and it is in superb condition.

Height: 27 1/2 in.  Width: 31 1/2 Depth: 15 in. - 30 in. 
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