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A Fine Mahogany 6-Leg Queen Anne Breakfast/Dining Table, with Drawer, on Raised Slipper Feet, Rhode Island, c.1750

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The wood on this table is superb.   The leaves are heavy to the weight, which are composed of beautifully figured Cuban mahogany.   Few of these dining tables have a drawer, and this has one that’s all original.   The legs, we feel, are Rhode Island in form, as there is no curve to them, but rather a straight down, almost tapered run into the slipper foot, which is also stylistically indicative of Rhode Island work.  The height of this table is 29 inches, which is a very comfortable eating height.  The table retains its original hinges and almost all of its glue blocks, which are often lost over time.   This is a very serviceable table, in perfect condition with a beautiful top that has aged beautifully through the years.

Height: 29 1/4 in.   Depth: 52 1/2 in.  Length: 18 in. - 54 in.
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