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A Rare Chippendale Mahogany Drop-Leaf Table of Narrow Depth with Claw-and-Ball Feet, probably Salem, c.1780

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This drop leaf table, which is 34 ½ wide, is only 10 deep when the leaves are closed, making it a very serviceable  table that would take little space.  This form also called a Sunderland table, is related in style to a mid 19th century table produced in this form by Meeks (see sw00309) The legs are very delicate, and the claw and ball feet are of robust good size…these are usually simplistic pad feet. 

The wood on the top is an old surface and is beautifully figured.   The legs are of dense dark mahogany, and also of an old surface.

Height: 27 in.  Depth: 34 in.
Width: 10 in. (leafs down) - 41 in. (leaves up).
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