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A Rare Walnut and Maple Queen Anne Desk with Burled Walnut Veneer and Original Cotter Pin Brasses, American, c.1740-60

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This is a small scale Queen Anne desk on bracket feet with magnificent inlays.   An example of a highboy with sectioned inlays such as this is illustrated in Levy Galleries' In Search of Excellence.  The desk has acquired a beautiful warm amber glow over the years, and is consistent throughout.  Many of these pieces have lost their bracket feet.  This example is absolutely pure; everything in place as it should be, and its not surprising to see its original brasses as many of these early cotter pin examples have long since disappeared.  Note the close-up of the engraved brass.  

The interior has a sycamore veneer over its original drawers, as a contrasting variation, and its straightforward interior, which never had a prospect door, is similar to a veneered Queen Anne desk illustrated in Levy Catalog, Volume IV.  Also note the superiority of the veneer patterns over the simplistic one in the Levy example.  These desks were obviously meant to be kept closed with interiors relatively functional.

It is with pride that we show a full-blown veneered Queen Anne example retaining all essential parts.  The only replacements are the hinges and the lock, which are often times replaced through usage.  Here, a period replacement lock is used.  

Height: 41 3/4 in.
Width: 36 in.
Depth: 20 1/2 in.
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