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A Classical Mahogany Worktable with “Canon Ball” Base, Boston/Salem, c.1820

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At this time in Boston, the Classical form was being produced with design forms unrelated to other furniture being made in Boston or Philadelphia where the high style furniture market was.  The canon ball is an exuberant example of this type of design.  We have a related card table (see card table #sw01276) and this is the first time we’ve seen the work table version.  Interestingly, it does not have a bag.   Rather, it has a slim drawer.     The top is composed of solid ribbon grain mahogany and the crotch veneers are matched on drawer fronts.    There are no repairs or replacements.  The knobs are original.  

Height: 31 in.  Width: 18 in. - 35 in. Depth: 16 3/4 in.
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