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A Fine Inlaid Mahogany Dwarf Clock, probably Rhode Island, last quarter, 19th century

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The movement is stamped “A.D. Wilson / Prov, R.I.” who worked (1874-1927, see attached).   He probably made this for Walter Durfee, who made the best time pieces at that time.  An engraved panel inside the door indicates ownership through two Providence banks (see attached), and the painting on the dial is probably a Newport coastal scene.    The craftsmanship of the case is superb.   The variegated inlay offsets the mahogany case, which is of the solid.  The modeling is very close to the earlier examples (see attached).

The important part of this clock is the dial and the magnificent painting, with smaller vignettes at the quarter section of the dial.   The earlier examples were almost never painted, although painted dials occurred on tall-case clocks of that period, because these dwarf clocks were cheaper products than the tall case clocks, and were constructed as such.   This clock is constructed with the finest of materials, similar to the large tall case clocks.   Note the oxidation on the dial.   This is a very fine example, beautiful in every respect.  

Height: 47 in.
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