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A Rare Tulip Poplar Butterfly Table, in Original Surface, New York, c.1730

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This piece was deaccessioned by the Philadelphia Art Museum to benefit their acquisition fund.   Butterfly tables are very rare, and there are a lot of fakes or highly restored examples.  This, however, is a pure example with its original drawer and full feet; typically feet of this age and form are worn to nothing.  It has its original hinges, which have been moved at some point, as the original screw holes probably became bored out, as is typical of many of these pieces.  This is a very wonderful size: not too big and not too small.  The butterfly is beautifully formed, and the turnings with complete tulip poplar point to a New York origin.  

Interestingly, note the old style dovetail, usually seen on Pilgrim furniture. 

Height: 26 1/2 in. Width: 16 in. - 40 in.  Length: 38 in.
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