A Grand Carved Mahogany Sheraton Sofa, Salem, c.1800 - 1810, Samuel McIntire and/or Contemporary

This sofa relates to a small grouping of Salem Sofas, some of which are attributed to Samuel Mcintyre and/or his son.  Other examples are shown in the attached images.  This example is quite interesting as it has the most developed arm supports of any classical sofa we have seen.   Note the reeding, which is followed by acanthus, which normally would not be done.  (Generally, the acanthus would be carved fully in its bulbous form.)  Here it is icing on a cake further embellished with a carved motif below with draperies, swags, and carved beads.  It's as good as it gets.   Also, note the arms themselves, and how the top of each arm is delicately molded.

The carving on the crest is unique and restrained.  Instead of carved elements flanking the central panel, this sofa relies on the beautiful of the flame mahogany panels that abut.  Also, note the legs are reeded, where as most in this grouping are plain, square cut elements.

This sofa was the personal property of Ron Bougeault, a legendary auction dealer.

Height: 37 1/2 in.  Seat Height: 17 in. 
Depth: 25
Length: 76 1/2 in.

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