An Exuberant Paduk Wood Armchair with Bird Motif and Floral Carving, Japan, last quarter 19th century

This Japanese chair has a fabulous back composed of two birds and intertwining leafage with arms that develop into floral bouquets integrated into the arm support.  Note the leafage falling away in the midsection of the arm support.  All  exposed surfaces are beautifully carved, and the quality is of the best. 

These forms were produced right through the 20th century, and are of varying quality.  We have only collected those that are of top rank, and if all the included images are viewed, this clearly becomes apparent.   As time goes on, these will achieve great value.

Height: 44 in.  Seat Height: 17 in.
Depth: 20 1/2 in.  Width: 30 in.

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