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A Fine Classical Mahogany Drop Leaf Table with Crossed Lyres attributed to Joseph B. Barry, (1757-1838), Philadelphia, PA c.1820

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There are drop leaf tables and there are drop leaf tables of the same form, but the quality will vary from shop to shop.  While most are "good", this is exceptional, and reminiscent of work being done in New York during the late Phyfe period and the work done in New York by the Vose makers, etc.  

Note the mahogany on the top and the leaves.   It is a beautiful ribbon grain whose reds glow through an old surface that has been waxed and/or french polished through the years.   The edges have been crossbanded for more visual effect that border.   Note the quality of the lyre and the carved leafage at the base of each lyre.  The Lyre itself sits on a double pedestal that is concaved on all sides reducing what could be a heavy table and supporting all on four individually carved paw feet.  These feet are quite distinctive and the reason for Barry attribution.  We have, in our collection, a card table that it came together with, with the same leg development and similar wood qualities.

The fine glass knob appears original to the piece.  

Height: 28 in.  Width: 42 in.  Length: 24 in. - 53 in.
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