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A Rare Classical Mahogany Metamorphic Duet Musical Stand, probably British Campaign Furniture, c.1840

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This has got to be the ultimate in a portable music stand.  Note how it collapses to a single large baluster pole.  It's an economy of space that's built like a watch.  A review of the detailed images will show that the integration of carved elements and machined supports and hinges is highly detailed and precise--for example, see the metal support structure that keeps the stand's three legs together.  Also note the adjustment mechanism which works for the sitting and standing player positions.

Although small in size, it's quite hefty in weight, and is completely original, including the collapseable candle stands.  It's a tour de force of the designer's capabilities.  The mahogany, of course, is first grade Cuban.  There are no repairs or alterations.

Height: 44 3/4 in.  Width: 20 in.  Depth: 13 in.
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