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An Exceptional Carved Classical Mahogany Card Table with Basket Carving, Salem, school of Samuel Field McIntire, c.1810 Provenance: Phillip Rosenberg

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This table is representative of a grouping of Salem tables we’ve handled through the years.  Most do not have the central basket of fruit, (see sw02004).  Another example with the basket of fruit can be seen here: (see sw00011).  

This table has exceptional wood with vibrant striping.   The wood is dense and heavy; there is no veneer, and it interestingly lies flat without any warping or movement.  The edges are beautifully reeded and the legs are robustly carved.   Here we have left the old surface as with the central basket of fruit embellishment.   The top and the apron have been French polished, bringing out the beauty of the wood.  There are no breaks or alterations.     It has a very strong and substantial aspect to it.  It was in the estate of an old time pioneer Boston dealer on Charles Street who was active in the 30s and 40s.  He had few pieces of furniture, dealing more in smalls, but he obviously knew a good piece when he saw it. 

Height: 30 in.  Depth: 19 in.  Width: 36 in.
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